Game Beauty bridges the world of makeup and video games through high-quality, cruelty-free beauty products inspired by elements from the video game and anime world. To start off 2024, the brand is proud to announce its limited-edition Attack on Titan makeup collection vol. 1 in partnership with Kodansha Ltd., known for igniting imaginations for over a century with vibrant manga, captivating novels, and groundbreaking content that bridges the gap between East and West.

The newest Attack on Titan makeup collection vol.1 features vibrant and colorful quads resembling three iconic wall emblems, as well as natural-toned lip glosses inspired by four heroic characters.

Available for pre-order on Now through 3/7, this makeup collection lets you paint your own story on your skin. Choose your allegiance with three eyeshadow quads inspired by the iconic wall emblems: the hoping heart of Wall Maria, the chained choices of Wall Rose, and the wishing wonders of Wall Sina. Each palette offers a set of complimenting shades to channel the spirit of the walls, from bright yellows and peaches to cool blues and greens. Embrace the strength of the heroes with four natural-toned lip glosses, each capturing the essence of a beloved character: Eren's unwavering courage in a brick red, Mikasa's fierce loyalty in a fiery red, Levi's icy precision in an almond pink with silver shimmers, and Armin's strategic brilliance in a peachy nude with golden shimmers. Whether you stand united with humanity or forge your own path, this Attack on Titan makeup collection vol.1 gives you the power to define your own battle cry. Paint your defiance, express your resilience, and claim your victory, one color at a time.

“I’m honored to be able to work with Kodansha, and to create our first volume of AoT makeup collection. Attack on Titan isn't just an anime, it's a journey through a mind-bending world, unforgettable characters, and choices that still resonate years later. We’re excited to share with each one of you our interpretation of AoT season 1 using the power of makeup.” says Game Beauty Founder & CEO, Jamie Battista.

Since Game Beauty’s inception in 2020, Founder & CEO Jamie Battista has always sought to partner with video game and anime companies that might be interested in licensing their IPs to makeup brands. With the heroic series of Attack on Titan reaching its momentous conclusion, Game Beauty reached out Kodansha, seeking to add our own resonance to the story. From there, the idea of an Attack on Titan x Game Beauty makeup collection was born.

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About Game Beauty:

Game Beauty is a female-owned business that aims to bridge the two worlds of makeup and virtual-reality by offering high-quality beauty products inspired by your favorite video game and anime concepts, characters, sceneries, and all relatable elements found in the metaverse. Game Beauty aims to deliver fun shades that tell stories while encouraging you to explore and discover your color combo. Visit: // @gamebeauty


About Attack on Titan:

A world that is at the mercy of Titans...

Finding themselves now food for the Titans, humanity built a giant 50-meter wall in order to protect themselves, giving up the freedom to go beyond the wall.

Eren Jaeger is a ten-year-old boy who dreams of the world outside the wall that he has yet to see.

He feels that something is wrong with the fact that people are satisfied with this temporary peace and have given up on the outside world.

He calls them "cattle."

They see Eren as "abnormal and wrong."

However, with the appearance of a Colossal Titan that was even taller than the wall, Eren's "dream" and the people's "peace" suddenly fall to pieces.


About Kodansha:

With a devotion to curiosity and creativity comes a tradition of innovation. For decades, Kodansha has nurtured a dynamic roster of artists and collaborators across genres, building a legacy of inspired voices, narratives and platforms. Kodansha’s U.S. subsidiary publishes English-language manga and Japan-based fiction and non-fiction books.