Hi, beauty adventurers in the world, welcome to Game Beauty®. And I'm Jamie - a l'cie with a focus, disciple of Hongmoon school, Manichean polearm wielder, ex-service blood elf priest, decommissioned Pokémon trainer and traveler in Teyvat - the list goes on. But just like every one of you, I'm also a makeup lover.

My fascination for gaming sprouted since childhood, yet I didn't start to appreciate the beauty of makeup till my late teenage days. Over the past decade, not only my passion for both has grown stronger, I also can't help but discover connections between the two.

I often find myself wondrously enchanted by designs of video game characters and sceneries, the color stories of which never cease to inspire my next makeup idea. And I'm almost never stingy on time when I try to create my favorite eyeshadow look, just like when I can easily spend a couple of hours on character customization page of every mmorpg I play.

So when the thought of combining my favorite two things emerged in my head, I was too excited to not make it happen. And this is where I stop talking, before I accidentally answer the next question. /wink 

What Is Game Beauty About?

Game Beauty is a small business based in the east coast of US, while consistently working with our manufacturers worldwide to bring high-performance beauty products to each one of you. 

Our makeup products are inspired by elements from video games, accompanied with original packaging artworks designed by CG art professional. We aim to deliver fun shades that tell stories of a game, while encouraging you to explore and discover your own color combo.

Game Beauty is also cruelty-free (going towards vegan) and no bunnies were harmed in the making of our products. After all we believe pet classes are one of the best inventions in mmorpgs, irresistibly loveable as they are.

Hereby we kindly invite you to immerse yourself in a video game makeup cosmos with us, at the same time wish to inspire you to create your next favorite makeup looks. Thank you for joining us in the world of Game Beauty. /bow