Halloween Cosplay Makeup and Outfit Ideas - Part 2

Easy to Recreate Makeup and Outfits for Men and Women to get Inspired for Halloween - Part 2  

Still Can't Decide What to Dress as for Halloween? We Hope These 5 More Cosplayers Can Inspire You!

Welcome to part two of my Halloween special and what an auspicious day it is too as we celebrate Halloween 2021!

I sincerely hoped you were inspired by my pick of Cosplayers from Part 1 of Halloween Cosplay Makeup and Outfit Ideas, but there are so many talented and beautiful Cosplayers to showcase I just had to include a part 2. So sit back, relax, get a brew, keep the cauldron on simmer and let me take you on a tour of 5 more terrifyingly fantastic Cosplays.

Cosplayer 6: Zetsumetsu
Links: Zetsumetsu Twitter | Zetsumetsu Instagram
Outfit Inspiration: Shoto Todorok from My Hero Academia

I absolutely love this cosplay as the difficulty required to ensemble the entire look is pretty low. The wig combines two colors which can either be achieved by color hairspray and simply placing tape or paper down the center whilst the wig is laid flat and carefully mixing in the colors either side, or simply bought from a good online cosplay store.

The main attraction of the outfit is the camouflage pattern all-in-one which can be achieved by either of the following main items.

Main Outfit Items

  • a combination of a camo jacket and trousers, a waterproof coat or even a hoodie and shorts.
    • You could even wear khaki colors to compliment the military style or mix it up with Desert / Urban camo.


  • Knee pads - the type seen worn by cyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers and the like.
  • A white cloth tied into a loose knot as an armband, placed on the left arm.
  • A fashionable chunky black belt or even a fishing tackle belt or work utility belt.
  • Tall lace-up black boots. Depending on your preference too you can wear work / construction boots or even a pair of killer knee-high, high heeled boots.

<WARNING> I would not with good conscience fail to point out the weaponry in this Cosplay. Please do not go around carrying look-alike firearms or knives, especially in a public setting.

Cosplayer 7: Yuji Koi
Links: Yuji Koi Instagram | Yuji Koi link tree

Outfit Inspiration: Zero Two Bunny from DARLING in the FRANXX

Yuji is a Cosplayer that emulates everything colorful, fun and creative about the industry. Scrolling through her Social Media it’s plain to see why so many people are drawn into dressing up and make-up experimentation. The Playboy bunny-esque theme has been incredibly popular amongst Cosplayers and enthusiasts not only for it’s simplicity but appeal; if you’re comfortable in your own skin why not show it off!

Like many entries on this list and previous you can find a decent, affordable cosplay Zero Two Bunny Wig online and with a minimal make-up approach you’re halfway to completing the costume already.

Main Outfit Items

  • The undeniable red latex one-piece bikini / bodysuit is the centerpiece of this cosplay but it’s flexibility is why I love it. Many iterations of Zero Two Bunny see her in Black, White and Light Pink bodysuits also, so whichever you have to hand or whatever color you’re comfortable with, go for it. If you don’t have a bikini or bodysuit a strapless full body corset - which are widely available in adult clothes stores - will be an apt replacement


  • Fishnet hosiery or dark sheen pantyhose (or even just a pair of long black socks or stockings)
  • White cuffs - just buy a white shirt and cut the cuffs off whilst they are buttoned. The cuffs Zero Two wears are double sleeved and buttonless, so if you are confident in your cutting abilities and have a pair of cufflinks lying around why not take the chance!
  • White Collar with red bowtie. To be honest this one has stumped me slightly, perhaps you can try cutting just the collar off again and re-sew, but if not you can easily buy a white shirt collar online.
  • A pair of Baby Doll Strap Red Heels (Google term to be specific, but the style is called Baby Doll), alternatively you could wear any red footwear your heart desires or wear a pair of Oxford Brogue shoes.
  • A pair of Gold Shirt Sleeve Holders.

This style is all about looking sexy and feeling confident in wearing more risque clothing, the Zero Two Bunny is reminiscent of the 1940’s playboy bunnys - chic without being overtly revealing, therefore any of the items listed can be swapped out for similar, adult alternatives. Just have fun with it!

Cosplayer 8: Jahara
Links: Jahara Instagram | Jahara link tree
Outfit Inspiration: Android 18 from Dragonball Z

I may be being biased...no I am biased, I absolutely had to include Jahara Jayde in this top tier list of Cosplayers, especially as she Cosplayed the iconic Android 18, from DBZ to Dragonball GT fame; one of the world's favourite love interests and antagonist turned protagonist; especially for those millennials who watched Toonami in the 90’s. Of course a personal favourite of mine too.

The beauty of Android 18 is the ease of achievement in costume, a few well manicured items and you’ve got an instantly recognisable look. The element - like every Cosplay - you need to nail is the hair and in Android 18’s case this isn’t difficult to achieve, if you naturally have a bob (or don’t), it’s easy enough to comb your hair behind your ear (on the left side) whilst having a quaffed fringe that drapes down one side of your face. Essentially Android 18 has a long choppy bob, reminiscent of a lot of 80’s pop singers...

There is a few distinctions in Android 18’s look throughout the series each of which is as recognisable as the other but I’ll do my best to differentiate them in the lists below, as each are quite easy to pull off so I want to give as many options as possible for flexibility-sake:

Main Outfit Items

  1. The first iteration and original appearance of Android 18 is donning a high waisted black jacket / waistcoat and plain short sleeved white top. The tricky bit of this is finding a straight black waistcoat because waistcoats traditionally taper around the stomach. So you either Google straight womens waistcoat online or you can simply cut the waistcoat material and sew it back in on itself to create the straight edges. Whether you can do this or not it doesn’t really matter, as anything short and black will look similar enough to the original inception.
  2. Her second iteration: future Android 18, wears the more Cosplayed striped black and white long sleeved t-shirt with a sleeveless denim jacket, frayed around the edges of the arm holes. Easy enough!
  3. Her third iteration: Android 18 in Dragonball GT, she still wears the sleeveless denim jacket, but this time it’s buttoned up to cover her chest, accompanied with a pair of white jeans rolled up at the bottom and black flip flops.
  4. Her final iterations: Android 18 in Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F and Android 18 in Dragon Ball GT Tournament she adopts a more casual look, going from a black and purple long sleeved t-shirt with blue jeans to an all purple tracksuit with black trainers.


Let’s be honest, I could make a separate Blog post about Android 18, but for ease of reading and not making this Blog 5000+ words, I’ll focus on finding accessories for her two iconic looks in Dragonball Z: Original Android 18 and Future Android 18.

Android 18 Original - Accessories 

  • A small gold hoop earring for the left ear.
  • A pair of black gloves, the material doesn’t matter too much as its hard to discern what Android 18’s gloves are made from, but the general consensus is velvet or leather.
  • A simple brown belt with silver buckle.
  • A gold bangle or bracelet for the left wrist.
  • A pair of blue jeans tapered just above the ankle or turned up.
  • Orange socks and a black pair of flat Mary-Jane shoes.

Future Android 18 Original - Accessories 

  • A small gold hoop earring for the left ear.
  • A black t-shirt or vest over the striped long-sleeved t-shirt.
  • A brown belt with chunky gold belt buckle - the decal and detail is up to you!
  • A blue denim shirt with black leggings or pantyhose.
  • The boots somewhat stump me, I guess you could just done a pair of brown boots, cowboy boots or even tan Uggs.

I think I’ve covered Android 18 enough! As you can see from Jahara’s Cosplay she’s opted for the Dragonball Z Future Android 18 look and she slays it! The other styles I’ve included in this list are very easily achievable, dare I say probably the easiest last minute Halloween costumes within this Blog series.

Cosplayer 9: Meredith Mills
Links: Meredith Mills Instagram | Meredith Mills link tree
Outfit Inspiration: Sailor Scout Jupiter (Lita)

I’m including a slightly different entry for this list, whilst it may not be last minute (due to order and shipping times) it’s a fun and easy Cosplay which you can share with a group of friends or just go solo. I also wanted to include this as it allows me to put links to many Worldwide Cosplay stores which may give you inspiration for events other than Halloween or even to kick start you into thinking about Halloween 2022! Either way, friend of Game Beauty: Meredith, was an easy entry in this list and a good counterpart to the earlier Tuxedo Mask Cosplay in part 1 by Akcros.

As a side note Amazon, Ebay and Etsy are also stores you could consider, however...Amazon is not a specialist and Ebay and Etsy quality can vary massively as costumes are created by order so results may very.

Cosplayer 10: Juliana
Links: Juliana Instagram | Juliana link tree
Outfit Inspiration: Pennywise the Clown from IT

For our final entry I have the glamorous and versatile Juliana who is a horror Cosplay extraordinaire, so it’ll be ignorant of me not to include her in a Cosplayer Halloween list! Juliana has Cosplayed many of the entries seen within this series including Lady Dimitrescu, Zero Two Bunny and Harley Quinn but for this entry I’ve chosen to highlight her rendition of Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's hit horror classic: IT.

The focal point of the outfit is the signature red curved makeup from mouth to eyes and brow accompanied by red lipstick, a red nose and a pale complexion. Dressing up as Pennywise is a simple compromise other than the make-up, because the theme is basically: wear white clothing as if you were an old doll or clown.


Main Outfit Items

  • A long sleeved blouse or dress...now there is some distinction between: Mesh, Netted and Lace dresses and in all honestly search engines seem to just blend them all together. But just search for those key phrases and you’ll get something akin to what Juliana is wearing or what the dolls of ‘generations of old’ used to wear. (FYI don’t search Old Girl Dolls unless you fancy taking a nice plunge into the sea of uncanny valley).


  • A ginger short or long haired wig. Juliana wears her hair in pigtails but you could honestly style it any way you fancy as it's very difficult to replicate Pennywise's actual hair….plus you would probably have to shave your head.
  • A pair of white stockings or long socks with bow detail pattern which you can buy or sew on yourself.
  • I don’t see the shoes in this Cosplay but a good bet would be a decent pair of red shoes to compliment the red makeup; flats or heels it’s completely up to you.

Juliana is a great inspiration for Halloween because she Cosplays a plethora of different horror themed villains and antagonists my personal favorite's being her take on Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jigsaw from Saw.

Are you now doubly inspired for Halloween 2021? Enjoy yourselves tonight and SHOW OFF YOUR OUTFITS!

This may not be the end of the Cosplay for Halloween series, but it is for this year at lleast. I hope that you’ve been thoroughly entertained in the 2 part series and have at least been inspired or given confidence to go out and create something fantastic yourself with the Cosplayers being your beacon for inspiration. Who knows I may even do Holiday or Easter specials!?

But I’d like to hear your thoughts. What Cosplayers would you like to see on this list and what Cosplay themes do you think I should cover next; what motivates you to Cosplay, dress-up or push the boundaries in terms of style and makeup, I’d love to know!

Did you know!? Harbinger is still available (but by how fast it's selling this may not be true for long!) a palette with 10 dangerously dark and luminescent light shades which are perfect to compliment your chosen Halloween look.

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